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Kevin's goal: Gichi Manidoo Akewe (Ojibwe: "Putting God First")

It is the fifth largest city in the United States, in a state with the second largest Native population in the Nation. 

This is Phoenix, Arizona.

Since Kevin, a member of the Lac du Flambeau Band of the Lake Superior Chippewa, touched down in Arizona in November:

  • He has made contact with churches, Native organizations, and tribal members.
  • He has been trained on, and become a facilitator in, a new program called Fatherhood is Sacred/Motherhood is Sacred (FIS/MIS) and is working to incorporate more Biblical elements into the program.
  • He has already planned a course in FIS/MIS for Native peoples near Phoenix.
  • He started a Bible study for the people of the Gila River Indian Reservation just outside of Phoenix which now averages eleven people each Wednesday night. 


Ministry expansion into the growing metropolis that is Phoenix, and therefore into the twenty reservations of Arizona, opens up tremendous opportunity to reach lost individuals and broken families. God has placed willing and able ministry men and women in the field; we have added an ever-growing library of resources and tools; you have upheld us with your prayers and support.

Together, we are making an impact on Native lives, unlike anything the Lutheran Church has never seen.