No matter your background or place in life, you can make a difference.

Wherever, and however, God leads you to give, know that we are grateful that you have chosen to partner with us.

Why Give?

Whether it’s at Haskell LIGHT Campus Ministry in Kansas, or on Native reservations on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington, or in remote Native villages in Alaska, our staff walks alongside our Native brothers and sisters, sharing God’s forgiveness, His love and healing through Jesus Christ.


  • There are more than 5 million American Indian and Alaska Natives in the U.S. *
  • Indian youth have the highest rate of suicide among all ethnic groups in the U.S. and is the second leading cause of death for Native youth aged 15 – 24.*
  • American Indian and Alaska Natives are the victims of violent crime at rates nearly double those of any other community in the U.S.*
  • Native people die of alcoholism at a rate five times higher than other Americans.*
  • Less than 5 percent of Native Americans know Jesus Christ as their Savior.

*2010 National Congress of American Indians


Statistics like these help us stay the course. We consider it a blessing to be among those whom God loves with an everlasting love and with compassion, acceptance and forgiveness. When our Native friends come to faith, their joy is immeasurable—and then so is ours.

Lutheran Indian Ministries also understands how much of history has impacted Natives in the United States and Canada. Some of us understand firsthand because the impact continues to be generational within our own families. With Native land and natural resources taken from them and their cultural identity ridiculed, demeaned and denied, Natives in North America have suffered tremendous loss.

Today, Lutheran Indian Ministries staff unabashedly honors Native culture and history. We rejoice in efforts to preserve unique ways of subsistence living, language and art forms. We acknowledge Native traditions and celebrate important occasions through songs, dance and traditional meals. Our staff walks alongside our Native friends, both in their struggles for survival and within their own cultural identity. We come among them with honor, respect and with the joy of the Lord in our hearts.

Does our ministry have its challenges? Undoubtedly, yes. But it’s people like you who step up to the plate in our time of need. You stay the course with us. 

cash donation

A monetary donation is immediate, non-perishable, and flexible. 

A cash gift allow us to get what we need when we need it, efficiently and effectively.

But above all else, it allows us to be the most productive and helpful to the communities we serve.

Make a gift, spread the Gospel.

monthly giving program

By committing to and joining the monthly giving program, you allow Lutheran Indian Ministries to plan for the future.

With the assurance of a monthly income comes the flexibility to create bigger programs that can reach more Native Americans, knowing that you, along with other donors, are there to support it.

in-kind donation

If you would like to make a donation of items, please contact our Brookfield Office by phone or email. 

We would be happy to discuss who would most benefit from your gifts and match your items with the appropriate ministry site.

Need ideas? See our wish list.

planned giving

The blessing of gift planning through bequests, stocks, and annuities ensure that this ministry to Native Americans can continue well into the future.

Take the time to learn your options, below, and speak with your financial advisor about your options.

Feel free to call with any questions!

Gift planning organizations:

thrivent choice

Remember our Native ministry when it comes time to designate where you will donate your Thrivent Choice Dollars.

Calendar year Choice Dollars can be designated until March 30th of the following year.

Give to a special project or person

While unrestricted gifts allow us to see a need and fill it, we understand God can lay certain causes on your heart.

If you would prefer to give to a specific area of ministry, please learn more about our various ministry sites and give as you wish.