Tim & Heidi Norton with Leslie & Philip

Tim & Heidi Norton with Leslie & Philip

The long-term goal: to train Navajo leaders who can plant churches and demonstrate Christ's love to their own people, in their own communities, across the expansive Navajo Nation. 

Video: Tim asks for your prayers for the Navajo

Tim Norton and his family, including his wife, Heidi, and two children, serve the Navajo Nation – the largest Native nation both in terms of population and area with more than 25,000 square miles (bigger than the size of West Virginia). 

Video: Tim talks about how his family gets involved in ministry work and the importance of food in ministry

Prior to taking his ministry position with Lutheran Indian Ministries in 2013, Tim served as a missionary in Guinea, Africa. Based on this experience, he understands the difficulties that come with ministering to a group of people different than yourself.

video: tim explains the history of Navajo Mission Work and his goals for Navajo

However, Tim has immersed himself in the Navajo culture and has pushed himself to understand both the culture and the language.

Video: Tim talks about the Navajo culture and the challenges of Native ministry

Tim's ministry work is housed at Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church, Navajo, N.M.

Video: are you interested in serving in Navajo?


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