Doing Things that Matter: What's Your Story - Monday Morning Devotions (Week 6)

Doing Things that Matter: What's Your Story - Monday Morning Devotions (Week 6)

If you become a person who has a life full of doing things that matter then that will be your story. You only have one life to live, and no one is responsible for it but you. He calls us out of the mundane and mediocre and He beckons us to experience life to the full.

What if you allowed the seemingly impossible to become possible?

What if every day you made choices that caused you to live differently?

What if you loved God and others with reckless abandon and a selfless heart?

What if you never allowed fear to stop you?

Doing Things that Matter: Lead Courageously - Monday Morning Devotions (Week 5)

Doing Things that Matter: Lead Courageously - Monday Morning Devotions (Week 5)

Many chase leadership in the form of greater esteem, larger titles, and bigger paychecks. But we need leaders who are looking to be gripped by what stirs the heart of God and to faithfully and courageously give themselves to that cause, no matter what it costs. On one occasion the disciples argued about which one of them would be the greatest and Jesus used that moment to revolutionize the idea of greatness and leadership by grabbing the servant towel and washing their feet.

Leadership is not about people following you.

Leadership is about you following God.

An October Haskell LIGHT Update

> Thanking God that He is helping Bob prepare and deliver excellent Bible Studies at our Sunday Gatherings.  God is also helping Deon with the lessons for the children and has sent some Freshmen Girls to help manage the high energy kids.  Two students are helping Bill with music and there may be more soon.

>  We thank God for the volunteer help from a couple who recently moved to Lawrence from Minneapolis, Minn.  They were able to keep the building open for students while Bob, Deon and I were attending the LIM staff retreat in Wisconsin last week.  They are excellent cooks/chefs, interact well with the students and help with Sunday music.

>We are having 2 hand drum making workshops (Oct. 5 and 19).  Materials and instructor fees were made possible with a grant from the LCMS Kansas District.  The project is entitled, "Hearing the Heartbeat of our God - Traditional Drum Making".  The sound of the drum is often associated with the heartbeat of God or our Creator in Native American cultures.  We are praying for open hearts and minds as we share the Gospel message in teachable moments.

> OUR DAILY ATTENDANCE HAS INCREASED from about 4 to 10 students a day!!!   And God continues to provide us with "divine appointments" to help students with supplies, rides, car repairs, learning how to play the guitar, cook or talk about issues with relationships, decisions and making better choices.

>  We are looking forward to visiting Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Warrensburg, Missouri on Oct. 12-13.  We are thankful for God connecting us with another congregation who wants to support us in prayer and other ways.

>  Haskell LIGHT is the location for a public forum on Oct. 30th with the people running for Lawrence City Council.  The point of discussion is how the City can better serve the 4,000 Native Americans living here.  We anticipate a large crowd and possible future ministry opportunities flowing out of this event. 

>  As you can see, we are VERY busy.  Please pray for us to have time for regular staff meetings and advanced planning. Also pray for our physical, spiritual and emotional protection.

Doing Things that Matter: Live Differently - Monday Morning Devotions (Week 3)

You can be a great neighbor, a humble servant at your child’s school, an inclusive and encouraging friend, a forgiving and patient parent, a caring and sacrificial employee, and a person who cares for those who are hurting and broken. This is the work of the Church—to be people who bring life and give away our love.