Gathering to give thanks

Gathering to give thanks

As Thanksgiving approaches, one of the blessings that comes to my mind is you.

You are one of the most important blessings of this ministry! There are simply no words to express the fullness of my thanks to you for your prayers, your passion, and your generosity. You lift us up, encourage us, and sustain us in our outreach to our Native brothers and sisters.

This month, your gift can do twice the work!

NAFFA Conference

This year, three ministry staff members, Tim Young Eagle (Pawnee), Kevin Maulson (Lac du Flambeau), and Rick McCafferty (Inupiaq) participated in the annuel Native American Fatherhood and Familes Association Conference (NAFFA).

Read more about the conference here: NAFFA Blog

Then read more about Al Pooley, the founder of NAFFA and much of the work we’re doing in Phoenix.