Lutheran Indian Ministries Partners with Outreach to the Oneida in Wisconsin

Lutheran Indian Ministries is pleased to announce its partnership with Rev. Mark Schumm and his congregation at Zion Lutheran Church in Oneida, Wisconsin. Executive Director Don Johnson welcomed Mark at the annual staff meeting, saying, “This organization has never had a Native ministry in Wisconsin. It’s exciting to be in a supportive relationship.”

Rev. David (Nuu-chah-nulth) and Rosemary Sternbeck recently spent a weekend with the new partner ministry.

web David Sternbeck and Mark Schumm at Zion in Oneida WI Jan 2014 cropped
web David Sternbeck and Mark Schumm at Zion in Oneida WI Jan 2014 cropped

“Mark, Joan, and the congregation were awesome,” says David, adding, “Mark has an amazing heart for the Oneida people!”

Rosemary was grateful to spend unhurried time with them, stating how their hospitality provided an atmosphere for everyone to pose “great questions about ministry. They have a real desire to reach out to share God’s love.”

Mark is hopeful about the partnership. “Our membership at Zion is already 15 to 20 percent Oneida, but we want to be more intentional in reaching out. That is where Lutheran Indian Ministries can bring insight. Meeting David was a great start since it was the first time our Oneida tribal members ever saw a Native pastor in their own worship setting. It was a very positive experience, especially for the kids who gained a broader sense of their own involvement in church life.”

We welcome your prayers for Rev. Mark and Joan Schumm and members at Zion. Join us in thanking God for their desire to share the Gospel with members of the Oneida Indian Nation of Wisconsin!

(Photo: From left, Rev. David Sternbeck and Rev. Mark Schumm.)

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