Haskell LIGHT hosts Moccasins on the Ground

Rev. Will (Dakota Sioux) and Patricia (Cree) Main, co-directors of Haskell LIGHT Campus Ministry, are excited to meet many of the new freshman class at Haskell Indian Nations University. “I hosted an event called Moccasins on the Ground for our freshmen women at the Pocahontas Hall on campus,” explains Patricia. “We wanted to give them a chance to relax, get to know one another and begin to develop relationships at the start of the semester.”

WEB Moccasins on the Ground Best Group Shot #1
WEB Moccasins on the Ground Best Group Shot #1

To provide this breakthrough experience, Patricia and dedicated volunteers brought in a Mary Kay consultant and others to provide manicures and massages for the young women. They also set up a coffee bar and a table to work on Native crafts. In all, there were some 40 women who took part in the activities.

Patricia adds, “Every year our goal is to be present in everything they will face as university students. We do all we can to equip them emotionally and spiritually so they can pursue their goals and the destiny that God has for each one of them.”

During Moccasins on the Ground, Patricia addressed many of the emotions the young women may experience, namely, fear either resulting from trauma in the past or about their future. “I told them about Esther in the Bible and how, like her, they have stepped into a place that God has prepared for them. They were encouraged and much more confident and hopeful by the end of the night.”

Haskell LIGHT Campus Ministry is located on the edge of Haskell Indian Nations University in Lawrence, Kansas. The nationwide confluence of more than 1,000 Native students on campus from 145 tribes and 43 states provides opportunities for Lutheran Indian Ministries to have a Gospel-centered impact far beyond a campus setting.

To learn more about our vibrant campus ministry and building campaign to provide a new facility for Haskell LIGHT Campus ministry, download our Spring 2014 Northern Lights Special Edition.

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