“It’s on!” at Haskell LIGHT Campus Ministry

When asked recently to share his reaction to the construction for a new Haskell LIGHT Campus Ministry facility in Lawrence, Kansas, co-director, Rev. Will Main (Dakota Sioux), said with an unmistakable exuberance, “It’s on!” Spring is on, yes! And that changes the pace for how quickly we’ll see Phase I of the new Haskell LIGHT building take shape.

For instance, by the time you read this, a full team of Laborers For Christ volunteers will have arrived on site, adding to the work currently taking place.

Laborers For Christ Volunteers Haskell LIGHT Campus Ministry
Laborers For Christ Volunteers Haskell LIGHT Campus Ministry

To date, the construction crew has erected the steel beams and will begin to put the glu-lam (or wooden) beams in place. After that, they will start building the outside walls.


“I’ll be working right alongside the volunteers,” says Will. “This building is literally a labor of love—and by that I mean Christ’s love for our Indigenous students. So, of course I want to be in on that.”

You and your congregation can be “in on” the construction as well. Foremost, we ask that you keep Haskell LIGHT Campus Ministry in your prayers for:

  • safety of everyone hard at work in the coming weeks;
  • our young Native men and women on campus whose lives will be transformed by the Gospel shared through this ministry;
  • volunteers ready to help in any way they can; and
  • funding for Phase I furnishings and to start Phase II as soon as possible!

For more information about how you can volunteer, please call Haskell LIGHT Campus Ministry at 785-841-4809.

To learn how you and your congregation can support the building campaign, please call Lutheran Indian Ministries at 888-783-5267.

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