Pastor Ricky Jacob Shares Audio Devotions

Pastor Ricky Jacob of Jesus Our Savior Lutheran Outreach of Winnebago, in Winnebago, Neb., has graciously shared seven 3-minute audio clips with us for your listening pleasure. The links to the audio clips are located in our Audio Gallery under Resources. For each meditation, Pastor Jacob focuses on one of seven stanzas from the Christian hymn, "Jesus Sinners Doth Receive." We know you'll be encouraged by each of these Gospel-centered messages and will want to share the blessings with your family and friends.

Jesus Our Savior Lutheran Outreach of Winnebago is an associate ministry of Lutheran Indian Ministries. Pastor Jacob has ministered to Ho-Chunk Native Americans in Winnebago since 1993. Today, by God's grace, he provides a Word and Sacrament ministry to the entire Native community as well as Lutheran education to children in grades preschool to third grade.

As with all our staff and associates, we ask you to keep Pastor Jacob and his outreach in your prayers. Thank you!