Utah-Idaho LWML Group in Navajo, N.M.

LWML grp w Navajo staff July 2014
LWML grp w Navajo staff July 2014

In July, eight women from the Utah-Idaho LWML District spent a week in Navajo, N.M., serving our Native community. The group worked alongside Tim Norton, vicar at Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church in Navajo; his wife, Heidi; Louise Lee (Navajo) and members of the church to reach out to the community at large. Here are quotes from each of the women about their experiences.

“I saw my own faith grow and a friendship develop with the Navajo people. They now truly have a place in my heart, and I look forward to working with them [in] the years to come.” –Linda

“We encouraged them and they encouraged us. We shared God’s Word, we worshiped as one, we prayed, and we broke bread together. We even learned a little of the Navajo language and a lot about their culture and their lives.” –Melody

“The friendly story-telling people were a delight everywhere we went. … This should definitely be an ongoing ministry for us.” –Terri

“We had the opportunity to learn many things about the Navajo way of life. … I think we all became more relaxed as we adjusted to Navajo time (the Navajo are event-oriented rather than time-oriented).” –Joy

“Last week was fantastic. … They all were so very loving!!! I can’t wait to go back. Pastor Tim, Heidi and Louise are doing a fantastic job!” –Lorene

“It’s no wonder New Mexico is called the Land of Enchantment. It truly is, and so are its people. They are so warm and loving. We were so blessed by getting to know them and [given] the privilege of worshiping God together with them.” –Deanna

“[One of my strongest impressions was] meeting such wonderful people, both the people there and the people in our group.” –Janet

“This was my first mission trip. … It was so easy to love them all! If you have never been on a mission, I pray you will consider walking beside these people. … If you can’t go, please pray for God to uplift and bring joy to these beautiful people as they reach out with the Gospel.” –Sandy

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