Makah Lutheran Church Christmas Program

Makah Lutheran Church celebrated the Christmas season on Sunday, December 21 with a children's Christmas play and gift giving. Although the wise men and a few other children were not able to attend, one of the musicians later said, "Well, that was an adorable disaster." Everyone had a wonderful time. 1214_Makah-Lutheran-Church-Christmas-Play

The angel reading the story (pictured above) comes to church each Sunday with her siblings. Their mother, whose life has transformed over the past year, makes sure her children are in church now. Winston Wilson (Cowlitz), vicar at Makah Lutheran Church, says “It’s wonderful to see how God works in people’s lives and brings healing.”

St. Paul Lutheran Church in Trenton, Michigan, raised $1,000 for Makah Lutheran Church to use for Christmas. The money was used to purchase costumes for the Christmas play and to buy toys for children in the village. Every child in attendance at the Christmas program received a toy. For some of them, these are the only presents they will receive for Christmas.



In addition to toys for the children, people received knitted items that had been donated to Lutheran Indian Ministries and sent to Makah Lutheran Church. People loved everything from the scarves and shawls to the little knitted baby caps.




Thank you to St. Paul Lutheran Church and to our talented donor for providing hope and warmth to the villagers in Neah Bay this Christmas season!

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