Before You Enter Holy Week

Take the time today to read the passion and resurrection of Jesus in its entirety.

All four books of the Gospel tell the story but each with a different emphasis based on the author and the message.

For example, Matthew focuses on the kingship of Jesus, how the ruling powers, especially Pilate and Caiaphas conspired to get rid of someone they saw as a political threat.

Mark: the suffering of Jesus, how He was tragically rejected, unfairly condemned, viciously beaten, horribly insulted, and cruelly mistreated by multiple groups.

Luke: the innocence of Jesus, how Pilate said he did not deserve death, and others (Herod Antipas, the centurion, and the repentant thief) also recognized his innocence.

John: the exaltation of Jesus, how he remains in charge, driving all the action, completing the will of the Father, and being glorified as He is lifted up.

Why not make it a tradition to rotate which story you read yearly?

To start at Palm Sunday, see:

Matthew 21

Mark 11

Luke 19 (starting at verse 29)

John 12 (starting at verse 12)


Want to see how the Gospels line up chronologically and geographically?

Go to: