I am not God - Monday Morning Devotion

proverbs 19:21 Lord's purpose will prevail

I am not God

I had this crazy epiphany last week... I am not God.

Maybe you knew that already. Did you know that you are not God?

I guess I didn't, because it hit me when I heard a song on the radio.

If we don't REALLY think we're God, then why do we act like we are?

Why do I pretend I am in charge of my world? Why do I act as though the world will come tumbling down without me? It won't. 

Hold on - I'm about to get brutally honest...

I like to think that I'm really important in my own little world. But the truth is, if something happened to me tomorrow, there are only a handful of people who would really miss me after the first couple weeks. The world would keep on turning. Flags would not fly at half mast. There would be no moment of silence on the airwaves.

And that's okay!

We are not supposed to be the main character in this big movie called life. God is, and we are all just supporting actors. Our main role is to point the camera (i.e. the world) back to Him. And, that's a really important role!

Yes, I had all these thoughts during a three-minute song. But my biggest takeaway was this:

To do the best we can, with the time we are given, we need to let God take care of God things. Only then can we focus on the talents and responsibilities He has given us.

I don't want to get to heaven, only to hear God say, "Why were you trying to do my job? I had a great plan for you, and you wasted your time worrying about things that weren't yours to worry about and doing things you weren't created to do!"

In the scheme of Lutheran Indian Ministries:

Our role is to reach out to as many Native Americans, Alaska, and Hawaii Natives as we can with our ministries. To show them the love of Jesus. Our role is to be Jesus' hands and feet. To show the down-trodden the hope that comes only from Him. Then, we stand back and watch the miraculous work of the Holy Spirit change their lives and their communities.

Our work has limits - God's doesn't. So, we, as an organization and its supporters, as well as individuals, follow our true CEO - our Lord and Savior. We play the supporting role and we work for Him.

P.S. The song that prompted this epiphany: Laura Story's "So I Can Just Be Me", which also has a great message for the people we try to reach. You have someone on your side, rooting for you, who wants to help if you'll let Him.