Luke 1:13 FNV

Luke 1:13 FNV

All the prayers we offer up to God, are acceptable and successful only by Christ's intercession.

We cannot expect an answer if we do not pray.

The prayers Zacharias often made, received an answer of peace.

Prayers of faith are filed in heaven, and are not forgotten.

Prayers made when we were young and entering into the world, may be answered when we are old and going out of the world.

Mercies are doubly sweet that are given in answer to prayer.

Creator Will Remember (Zechariah) was troubled when he saw the spirit-messenger. He trembled with fear that covered him like a blanket.
"Do not fear!" the messenger said to him. "Your prayers have been heard."
Luke 1:12-13 FNV

[Excerpts from Matthew Henry's Commentary]