Luke 2:13-14 FNV

Luke 2:13-14 FNV

Suddenly - The welcome news was no sooner published, than a multitude of heavenly beings were heard celebrating, in songs and hymns divine, the praises of God, on account of his unspeakable mercy and love to men

a great number - for the angels are innumerable; there are thousands, ten thousands, and ten thousand times ten thousand of them: it may be rendered "the multitude", and may intend the whole company of angels, who were all of them together to sing the praises of God, and glorify him at the birth of the incarnate Saviour, as well as to adore him

The words are doubtless to be considered as expressions of rejoicing exclamation, strongly representing the piety and benevolence of these heavenly spirits, and their affectionate good wishes for the prosperity of the Messiah’s kingdom; as if they had said:

 “Glory be to God in the highest heavens, and let all the angelic legions resound his praises in the most exalted strains, for, with the Redeemer’s birth, peace and all happiness come down to dwell on earth; yea, the overflowings of divine benevolence and favour are now exercised toward sinful men, who through this Saviour become the objects of his complacential delight.” 

[Excerpts taken from the Benson Commentary and Gill's Exposition of the Entire Bible]

Suddenly, next to the messenger, a great number of spirit warriors from the world above appeared giving thanks to Creator saying, "All honor to the One Above Us All, and let peace and good will follow all who walk upon the earth." (Luke 2:13-14)