Still “Thee Light House” - Psalm 27:1

Wednesday March 23

Still “Thee Light House” - Psalm 27:1 (NIV)

“The Lord is My Light and my salvation --- whom shall I fear?”


High above Lake Superior at almost ten thousand feet the view was spectacular.  Far below we could see a big freighter pushing its way toward the harbor at Duluth.  We had just circled the Apostle Islands at lower altitudes and were in wonder of God's beauty. 

The lighthouses, in particular, seemed to hauntingly call out stories of warning and safety.  Lake Superior is not always this calm!  As we came into land lighthouses again grabbed my attention.  In times past how many lives had they saved!

Dan, the missionary who was flying us, had asked us last minute if we wanted a plane ride.  I quickly had said yes but was not ready for how the ride would impact me.  The world, at this very time, seems darker than ever before.  Terrorism has gone wild, and it seems unstoppable.  Refugees are in the millions, young families with babies, risking everything to find safety.  There is economic uncertainty worldwide.  In the north, it is the same.  Communities seem shackled with hopelessness and poverty of all kinds. 

Is there any light? 

Yes, there is!  Seeing those lighthouses reminded me again that there is a light no matter how raging the storm.  It is Jesus and always has been.  The lighthouse theme is not a new one, but it hit me in a new and powerful way.  Jesus still is, “Thee Lighthouse!”  Don’t miss the obvious!  Jesus will guide you in, no matter how big or small your ship.  He is, “the resurrection and the life.”  (John 11:25 NIV)  And He still is, “. . . the light of the world.”  (John 8:12)

My prayer for you this Lent season is that you focus again on our Savior Jesus, the only One who really is our only light, hope, and salvation!

Dear Jesus,
Thank you for reminding me again that You are truly the light of the world and that You are my only true guide.  You are the One that I must always look to, to guide me safely home.  In Jesus name I pray,


Rick Martin - Manitoba, Canada

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