When God is Quiet - Monday Morning Devotion

Joshua 23:14 God's promises don't fail

When God is quiet...

Have you ever driven through Eastern Colorado?

Driving west toward Denver, there's a long stretch of Interstate 76 that seems to go on forever. It's REALLY long, and there isn't much to look at but grass and tumbleweeds. And, if you are using a GPS system, it doesn't talk - at all. There are times you start to think, "Am I still going in the right direction?"

So, you just keep driving, sure that there is civilization out there somewhere, but you're also certain you just might die in the middle of nowhere Colorado without cell service.

A drive through Colorado is often like a walk with God.

There are times in your life when God seems really quiet.  You may walk through events thinking, "Am I going in the right direction?" And, it is then that you may begin to doubt yourself and wonder if God has left you.

God has not left you. He never will.

When you are on the right path, following His will, God is going to let you keep going.

How obnoxious it would be if your GPS constantly told you: "Continue straight. Continue straight." (I would probably through my phone out the window.) And it's the same with God!

Unfortunately, following God's will isn't always rainbows and unicorns, and sometimes we want his constant, reassuring voice in our ear. 

When driving, you can sneak a peek at the GPS screen and see that, yes, you are indeed still traveling the right path. The arrow is still heading west toward the mountains (but, no, there won't be another gas station for a while).

In life, the Bible is our GPS. In it are scores of promises laid out for the people of the past and for you. Each and every one of them has God's unfailing Word behind it.

God promised to make Abraham's descendants as numerous as the stars, and He did it.

God promised a Savior, and He sent Jesus. 

God promises to be a light to our feet and to make our paths straight, and He will.

Joshua 23:14 says: "Deep in your hearts you know that every promise of the LORD your God has come true. Not a single one has failed!"

Which promise are you clinging to today?

P.S. Try turning off the road you're supposed to be on. The GPS will start redirecting you again. So, will God.