Isaiah 33:2 - Prayers for Jorey

Prayers for Jorey

“Lord, be gracious to us; we long for you. Be our strength every morning, our salvation in time of distress.” (Isaiah 33:2, NIV)

Some circumstances more than others teach us to lay our cares at the foot of the cross. Fear of the unknown can be so overwhelming.

Our 4-month-old son began having seizures. We called 9-1-1 and the ambulance came to our home and took him to the ER. We were later sent home with Jorey because the doctor thought we had misread his symptoms. We knew in our heart something was wrong—we knew our child. We found rest in knowing God knit our son together in his mother’s womb. He knows how many hairs are on his head and how many breaths he has taken. God loves Jorey more than we do. He is on loan to us from God.

The next morning we had to rush our son back to the ER. It became apparent to the doctors that he was having seizures. They made it clear how extremely important it was to get the seizures under control so he would not have developmental delays later. If we did not, Jorey would not be a normal child.

As a parent, this is one of the hardest things to have to hear. I was helpless. Fear began to creep up on us. We had to give Jorey to God and rest in His love.

Two weeks prior, we moved from our home in Kansas to Green Bay, Wisconsin, to begin our training on the Oneida Reservation with Lutheran Indian Ministries. After speaking with hospital staff, we learned that the pediatric neurologist caring for Jorey is the best in the world and lives in Green Bay. Most of the time this type of seizure is misdiagnosed and is not caught for six to nine months. The success rate for recovery is much higher when caught early.

Our son is in the best hands, medically speaking. Most of all, Jorey is in the hands of his Father, the Great Physician. Please join us in prayer.

We give You thanks, dear God, for the birth of the Christ Child, our Savior. Through Him we are confident we can come before You and give You the glory and praise for the healing power in Jorey’s body. We ask for your continued watchfulness over our little bundle of joy and for all children needing Your healing.

- Bob Prue (Rosebud Sioux), Oneida, Wisconsin

Bob and his wife, Deon, share their life experiences and how the Lord called them out of a hurtful lifestyle through the power of the Gospel. By the end of their story, we believe you will rejoice and give thanks to God for calling them into His marvelous light—the light of Christ. We encourage you to keep them in your prayers as Bob continues his theological studies while serving the Native community in Oneida, Wisconsin, and beyond.