Doing Things that Matter: Choosing the Path to God - Monday Morning Devotions (Week 1)




Matthew 7:13-14
John 10:10

Most days I have the privilege of taking my kids to school. It has become special time to start our day. Even the kids seem to appreciate the value of this short time together. As we approach their school building we finish our time by saying the same thing together every day. I say, “Okay, remember…today…do something that”—and they fill in the last word in unison, saying—“MATTERS!” That is the last thing we say to one another as they head into their everyday life.

After we say our “do things that matter” statement together, I watch my kids walk into their school, and I have a hopeful, and possibly overly idealistic anticipation of them making a radical impact. As I leave and head towards my everyday life I wonder, “What am I going to do today that matters?”

The hope within this devotional is that you can explore some of the questions, hopes, dreams, and purposes of your life and help you consider your life and the path you are choosing every day. Because maybe it can be better. Better for others around you. Better for your family. Better for your career. Better for the glory of God! Better for you!!

Are you choosing the path to life—to God, or is life simply choosing you? Has whatever life brought you become your reality? Does your life feel more like you are keeping up with life’s demands rather than experiencing fullness? I have found myself going through the motions of a life that has been handed to me, instead of living the life I was created to live.

What if you attempted to reimagine the way you do life? Chances are your faith needs you to ask yourself new questions and to act on new discoveries. In this devotional, you will be introduced to four values, which are the undercurrent to a life of doing things that matter. Becoming a person who dreams wildly, lives differently, loves recklessly, and leads courageously all for the glory of God could end up smack dab in a middle of the life Jesus describes as, life to the full!  

Say a prayer inviting God to speak to you throughout this devotional about the life you are choosing everyday!

We would like to thank Tim Mannin and OKC Community Church for providing this plan.