Extra Reading & Thank You

If you found these devotions and reflections helpful and want to dig further, we recommend the following books, related to the devotions.

I liked: “Stirring the Ashes” Try this book:  5 Things You Can Do to Live a Jesus-Centered Life, H. Curtis

“Jesus Will Finish It”:  Reading the Psalms with Luther, Martin Luther

“We Will Overcome”:  Just Words, Jacob Preus

“Who is Jesus? Who Am I?”:  Standing Firm, Jesse Yow

“Our Broken World”:  Free in Christ, Free to Serve, David Anderson

“A Father’s Love”:  Starting at the End, Brad Alles

“Son or Shadow Watcher?”:  Out of the Shadows, J. Lapacka

“Find the River”:  Broken: 7 “Rules” that Christians Ought to Break as Often as Possible, Jonathan Fisk

“People of the Standing Stone”:  The Rock Speaks, Cindy Steinbeck

“Everything is in God’s Hands”:  Celebrating the Saints, William Weedon

“God-Sized Hole”:  The Life You Crave, Michael W. Newman

“Weeping with Jesus”:  He was Crucified, Gerard Stanley

“Forsaken, So You Never Will Be”:  One Incarnate Truth, various authors

“He is Risen!”:  Heartbeat!, Stephen J. Carter

“You are Never Alone”:  The Executioner’s Redemption, Timothy Carter

Thank you for taking this lent journey with us.

This ministry is ripe with potential and opportunity. The chance to serve God and share His Good News with our Native brothers and sisters is a special one.

Please continue to hold this ministry and those we strive to serve in your prayers.

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