New Haskell Facility Taking Shape


Stan Sneegas, Lutheran Indian Ministries Board Member from Lawrence, Kansas, shares the following construction update for Haskell LIGHT Campus Ministry’s new facility:

The work on the building is progressing. We have a finished roof! The exterior East wall is up with only one coat of paint to go. The Laborers for Christ volunteers are finishing the other exterior walls.

When we get the windows and doors installed, we will have a weatherproof facility. Then the fun will begin with the HVAC, plumbing and electrical contractors as they install the utilities in the interior walls. The HVAC contactor has already dropped off some of the duct work.

Even if it rains, we can still finish framing the interior walls. Now that it is really taking shape, we have people already stopping by and wanting to have events in the building.


Will Main (Dakota Sioux), co-director at Haskell LIGHT Campus Ministry, adds:

I’m a tool guy, right? I like tools. That’s what this building is to me: a state-of-the-art tool to reach students with the Gospel.

This building is truly incredible. It’s such a blessing to see that it’s real. Only God can accomplish this! People are saying, “Now, that’s a beautiful building!” They’re telling us that even before we can finish the exterior.

Soon, the electricians will come in to begin installing lighting and our sound system. After that, we can start putting up dry wall and sheet rock on the inside. Before long, we should be getting the stone for the exterior.

In the meantime, Patricia has been choosing appliances, cabinets, colors and other things for the interior.

If you and your congregation would like to help with construction at Haskell LIGHT Campus Ministry, please call (785) 841-4809. Your hands-on help, prayers and support are greatly appreciated!

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