Life After Seminary: The Work Continues

When asked about life after the seminary, Pastor Tim Norton, serving in Navajo, New Mexico, explains with a smile, "It's pretty much the same as before, except I don't have to worry about getting my school work in each week."

Tim has been serving in the Navajo Nation since 2013 when he was installed to serve as a missionary at Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church in Navajo, New Mexico.

For the past four years, he has been leading church service, Bible studies, and confirmation classes. He has been performing baptisms and leading retreats. In essence, he has been doing everything a pastor and missionary would do, but now he has the degree and the title.

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"I am so grateful for the supporters who helped see me through my class work in the last four years," Tim says. "What I have learned has changed who I am, but it hasn't changed my calling to the people of Navajo. I will continue the work God set out for me to do here."

And Tim is doing a lot. 

Between preparing for worship each week and ministering to the people of Navajo, he is also teaching confirmation classes (another four students this year!) and meeting one-on-one with individuals who are ready to take the next step in their walk with Jesus. 

Proclamation, discipleship, and healing are happening in Navajo!

What Does the Life of a Missionary Pastor Look Like?