Luke 3:10-14 FNV

if you have two blankets, share one Luke 3:11 FNV

Be careful, not only to observe the ceremonies of religion, but to attend to the great duties of justice, mercy, and charity. The sum of all is: Cease to do evil, learn to do well: these are the fruits worthy of repentance. 

[Excerpt from the Benson Commentary]

When the crowds heard his words, they were afraid and asked, "What should we do?"
He answered, "If you have two blankets give one to someone who has none, and the one with food should share it...
"Collect no more taxes than the People of Iron permit... to take more is to steal from the people and dishonor the Great Spirit...
"Do not use fear or violence to force money from people or accuse them falsely... and be satisfied with your pay."
(Luke 3:10-14 FNV)