Luke 4:18 & 21 FNV

the spirit of the lord luke 4:18 fnv

To have fixed on any passage announcing His sufferings (such as Isaiah 53:1-12), would have been unsuitable at that early stage of His ministry. But He selects a passage announcing the sublime object of His whole mission, its divine character, and His special endowments for it; expressed in the first person, and so singularly adapted to the first opening of the mouth in His prophetic capacity, that it seems as if made expressly for this occasion.

It is from the well-known section of Isaiah's prophecies whose burden is that mysterious "Servant of the Lord," despised of man, abhorred of the nation, but before whom kings on seeing Him are to arise, and princes to worship; in visage more marred than any man and His form than the sons of men, yet sprinkling many nations; laboring seemingly in vain, and spending His strength for naught and in vain, yet God's Servant to raise up the tribes of Jacob and be His Salvation to the ends of the earth (Isaiah 49:1-26). 

[Excerpt from the Jamieson-Fausset-Brown Bible Commentary]

"The Spirit of Creator has come to rest on me. He has chosen me to tell the Good Story to those who are poor. He has sent me to mend broken hearts, to tell prisoners they have been set free, to make the blind see again, and to lift up the ones who have been pushed down."...
He looked around at them and spoke clearly with a strong voice, "Today these words you have heard have found their full meaning."
Then he began to teach and share his wisdom with them. Luke 4:18, 21