Luke 4:22-24 FNV

a prophet is not welcome at home luke 4:24 fnv

It appears, that our Lord proved and illustrated his assertion, (that the passage he had read was that day fulfilled,) in a discourse of considerable length, the subject of which only is mentioned by Luke. And it seems also, that on this occasion he delivered his thoughts with such strength of reason, clearness of method, and, perhaps also, beauty of expression, that his townsmen, who all knew he had not had the advantage of a liberal education, were so astonished, that in their conversation one with another they could not forbear expressing their admiration.

At the same time, however, their carnal and worldly spirit, not to say the malevolence also of their disposition, led them to mingle with their praises a reflection, which they thought sufficiently confuted his pretensions of being the Messiah, and showed the absurdity of the application which he had made of Isaiah’s prophecy to himself, in that character.

It generally holds, that a teacher sent from God is not so acceptable to his neighbours as he is to strangers. The meanness of his family, or lowness of his circumstances, brings his office into contempt: nor can they suffer that he, who was before equal with or below themselves, should now bear a superior character.

[Excerpt from the Benson Commentary]

At first, they were amazed at the power and beauty of his words. 
But soon the meaning of his words sank into their hearts, and the mood of the people began to change.
"Isn't this the son of Bitter Tears (Mary) and He Gives Sons (Joseph), the wood carver?"
So he said to them, "I am sure you will tell me this wise saying, 'Healer, use your medicine on yourself.'... But the truth is, a prophet is given much honor except in his own village, among his own clan, and in his own house."
Those who were listening continued to grumble out loud, shaking their heads and rolling their eyes.
Luke 4:22-24 FNV