Luke 4:38-41 FNV

he healed them all luke 4:41 fnv

This was so memorable an occasion that all the three evangelists notice it; their reports are recorded in almost the same words. No doubt, in the early days of the preaching of the faith, this evening's work was constantly alluded to by the first teachers.

The note of time, "when the sun was setting," indicates that the moment in question had been waited for, for sunset ended the sabbath, and then those outside Capernaum and in its outlying suburbs were enabled to bring their sick and afflicted without infringing the strict sabbath rules. "The twilight scene, of Jesus moving about with word and touch of healing among the sick and suffering, the raving and tortured crowd (Matthew 4:24), is one of the most striking in the Gospels, and St. Matthew quotes it as a fulfillment of Isaiah 53:4" (Farrar).

The people sought him, and came unto him. A desert is no desert, if we are with Christ there. He will continue with us, by his word and Spirit, and extend the same blessings to other nations, till, throughout the earth, the servants and worshippers of Satan are brought to acknowledge him as the Christ, the Son of God, and to find redemption through his blood, even the forgiveness of sins.

[Excerpts from the Pulpit Commentary & Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary]

After he left the gathering house, Creator Sets Free (Jesus) when to the home of One Who Hears (Simon). The wife of One Who Hears was there. Her mother was sick in bed with a bad fever, so they asked Creator Sets Free to help her. He went and stood over her, told the fever to go, and it left! With a glad heart, she got up and went to prepare a meal for them.
Later that day, when the sun was going down, many sick people were brought to him. He touched them all and healed them. Many were set free from evil spirits. As the spirits left them, they howled with loud voices saying, "You are the Chosen One, Creator's own Son!" But he spoke sharply to them, and didn't let them speak, for they knew who he was.
Luke 4:38-41 FNV