Luke 4:42-44 FNV

i was sent to tell you the good story of the good road luke 4:43 fnv

Observe here:

  1. that the Saviour, though perfectly holy, regarded the duty of secret prayer as of great importance.
  2. that he, sought a solitary place for it - far away from the world and even from his disciples.
  3. that it was early in the morning - always the best time, and a time when it should not be omitted.
  4. if Jesus prayed, how much more important is it for us!

If Jesus did it in the morning, how much more important is it for us, before the world gets possession of our thoughts; before Satan fills us with unholy feelings; when we rise fresh from beds of repose, and while the world around us is still! David also thus prayed, Psalm 5:3Psalm 119:147.

He that wishes to enjoy religion will seek a place of secret prayer in the morning. If that is omitted, all will go wrong, our piety will wither. The world will fill our thoughts. Temptations will be strong. Through the day, we shall find it impossible to raise our feelings to a state of proper devotion.

How different, too, was the conduct of the Saviour from those who spend the precious hours of the morning in sleep! He knew the value of the morning hours; he rose while the world was still; he saw the light as it spread abroad in the east with fresh tokens of his Father's presence, and joined with the universal creation in offering praise to the everywhere present God...

The meaning of the end of this passage is, "Since multitudes press to hear the word, let us not remain here, but go into the neighboring towns also: for I was sent by God not to preach at Capernaum only, but "throughout Judea," and it is therefore improper to confine my labors to this place." Equally important for us to reach out to others with the Word of God and salvation.

[Excerpts from the Barnes Notes on Mark 1]

The next day, before the sunrise, he found a quiet, out-of-the-way place to be alone and pray. But the crowds found him again and would not let him go. He said to them, "I was sent to tell you the Good Story about the Good Road. You must let me go to other villages, so they can also hear."
So he continued to teach and tell his stories in the gathering houses of the Land of Promise (Judea).
Luke 4:42-44 FNV