Luke 5:21-25 FNV

is it easier to say get up and walk luke 5:23 fnv lutheran indian ministries

Sin may be pardoned, yet the sickness not be removed; the sickness may be removed, yet the sin not pardoned.

If you bring your sins to Jesus Christ, as a malady and misery to be cured of, it is well; but to come with them, thinking still to retain them and receive him, is a gross mistake, a miserable delusion.

The great intention of the blessed Jesus in the redemption he wrought, is to separate our hearts from sin.

Our Lord Jesus has perfect knowledge of all that we say within ourselves. There is a great deal of evil in sinful thoughts, which is very offensive to the Lord Jesus. Christ designed to show that his great errand to the world was, to save his people from their sins. He turned from disputing with the scribes, and spake healing to the sick man. Not only he had no more need to be carried upon his bed, but he had strength to carry it. 

Give us, Lord, the same kind of faith with respect to your ability and willingness to heal our souls. Give us to desire the pardon of sin more than any earthly blessing, or life itself. Enable us to believe your power to forgive sins; then will our souls cheerfully arise and go where you please.

[Excerpts from Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary on Luke 5 and Matthew 9]

The scroll keepers (scribes) and the Separated Ones (Pharisees) began to grumble among themselves, "Who is this man to speak lies against the Great Spirit with such disrespect? Who but the Maker of Life can release a man from his wrongdoings?"

In his spirit, Creator Sets Free (Jesus) knew what they were thinking and said to them, "Why are your hearts full of dark thoughts and questions? Is it easier to tell a paralyzed man, 'Get up and walk,' or to say to him, 'You are released from your wrongdoings'?"

The room became quiet as he waited for an answer. Then he said to them,

"This is how you will know the True Human Being has the right to forgive bad hearts and wrongdoings on this earth." He turned to the paralyzed man and said, "Get up, and when you have rolled up your sleeping bundle, walk to your home." Right away the man stood up in front of them and did what he said, giving thanks to the Great Spirit for his healing.

Luke 5:21-25 FNV