Luke 5:26 FNV

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Those four men had been the indirect means of bringing much honour to God and much glory to Jesus, and they, I doubt not, glorified God in their very hearts on the housetop. Happy men to have been of so much service to their bedridden friend.

When a man is saved his whole manhood glorifies God; he becomes instinct with a new-born life which glows in every part of him, spirit, soul, and body.

But who next glorified God? The text does not say so, but we feel sure that his family did, for he went to his own house. Well, but it did not end there. A wife and family utter but a part of the glad chorus of praise, though a very melodious part. There are other adoring hearts who unite in glorifying the healing Lord.

The disciples, who were around the Saviour, they glorified God too. And there was glory brought to God, even by the common people who stood around. We must, one and all, do the same.

[Excerpt from the Biblical Illustrator, comments be C.H. Spurgeon)

Great respect and awe filled the hearts of all who were in the house. They gave honor to Creator, saying, "Today we have seen how mysterious the ways of the Great Spirit can be."
Luke 5:26 FNV