Luke 5:30-32 FNV

i didn't come for the healthy but the sick luke 5:32 fnv lutheran indian ministries

This was one of those sayings of the Lord which sank very deep into the hearts of the hearers.

All the three, Matthew, Mark, and Luke, repeat it with very slight variations; it was evidently a favorite theme with the great first teachers who followed Christ.

It has borne rich fruit in the Master's Church; for this vindication of Jesus of his conduct in going so often into the society of the moral waifs and strays of the population has been the real "foundation of all those philanthropic movements which enlist the upper classes of society in the blessed work of bending down to meet in love the lower classes, so that the snapped circle of humanity may be restored; it is the philosophy in a nutshell of all home and missionary operations" (Dr. Morrison, on Mark 2:17). 

[Excerpt from The Pulpit Commentary]

When the Separated Ones (Pharisees) and the scroll keepers saw Creator Sets Free (Jesus) eating with outcasts, they complained to his followers saying, “Why does your wisdomkeeper keep company with tribal tax collectors and outcasts?”

Creator Sets Free overheard them and said, “People who are well do not need medicine. I have not come for the ones with good hearts. No! I have come to help the outcasts find the path back home again.” (Luke 5:30-32)