Luke 6:1-5 FNV

the disciples eat from a corn field on the sabbath luke 6:1 fnv lutheran indian ministries

The Sabbath was made for man; therefore it was lawful to do good on the Sabbath. Thus we see that, according to our Saviour, no act of necessity nor of mercy is a breach of the Sabbath.

Christ justifies his disciples in a work of necessity for themselves on the sabbath day, and that was plucking the ears of corn when they were hungry. But we must take heed that we mistake not this liberty for leave to commit sin. Christ will have us to know and remember that it is his day, therefore to be spent in his service, and to his honour. 

[Excerpt from J. Thomson & Matthew Henry]

On another Day of Resting, Creator Sets Free (Jesus) and his followers were walking through a field of grain. The men were hungry, so they plucked some grain, rubbed the husks off in their hands and began to eat.

When the Separated Ones (Pharisees) saw what they were doing, they said to him, “Why do your followers do what is not permitted on the Day of Resting?”

He answered them, “Have you not heard about the time long ago when the great chief, Much Loved One (David), was hungry? How he and his followers went into Creator’s Sacred Lodge and ate the ceremonial bread? Only the holy men are permitted to eat this bread.”

He paused to let them think about his words.

And then he added, “The True Human Being is Chief over the Day of Resting!” (Luke 6:1-5)