Luke 6:21a FNV

-Creator's blessing rests on you who are poor and in need; the Good Road is yours to walk.-Luke 6-20 FNV (2).png

"You hunger now (v. 21), you are not fed to the full as others are, you often rise hungry, your commons are so short; or you are so intent upon your work that you have not time to eat bread, you are glad of a few ears of corn for a meal’s meat; thus you hunger now in this world, but in the other world you shall be filled, shall hunger no more, nor thirst any more."

It is true, hungering and thirsting are no blessings, but neither are they curses to a truly righteous soul, or a soul that truly seeketh after and studieth righteousness. 

[Excerpt from Matthew Henry's Full Commentary & Matthew Poole's Commentary]

"Creator's blessing rests on you who hunger now,
for you will be filled to the full."

Luke 6:21a FNV