Luke 6:23 FNV

rejoice in suffering luke 6:23 fnv lutheran indian ministries

When they should be hated, discarded, reproached, and anathematized: and leap for joy; as if the greatest honour and happiness imaginable had been conferred on them; and as persons do, when in the greatest rapture: for behold, your reward is great in heaven.

Not of debt, but of grace; for there is no proportion or comparison between what the saints suffer for Christ, and the glory that shall be revealed in them by him; not in earth, but in heaven. Saints must not expect their reward here, but hereafter, when God himself will be their reward; he will be all in all; Christ and all his glory, glory and all the riches of it will be the reward of the inheritance, and which must needs be a "great" one. And the more to animate them to suffer with joyfulness, and to support them under all their reproaches and persecutions

[Excerpt from Gill's Exposition]

"When this happens, let your hearts be glad and jump for joy' the world above will honor you, for this is the same way your ancestors treated the prophets of their day.  You are walking in their moccasins now!"

Luke 6:23 FNV