Luke 6:25a FNV

woe to the full luke 6:25a fnv lutheran indian ministries

Here is a woe to them that are full (v. 25), that are fed to the full, and have more than heart could wish (Ps. 73:7), that have their bellies filled with the hid treasures of this world (Ps. 17:14), that, when they have abundance of these, are full, and think they have enough, they need no more, they desire no more, Rev. 3:17. Now ye are full, now ye are rich, 1 Co. 4:8. They are full of themselves, without God and Christ. Woe to such, for they shall hunger, they shall shortly be stripped and emptied of all the things they are so proud of; and, when they shall have left behind them in the world all those things which are their fulness, they shall carry away with them such appetites and desires as the world they remove to will afford them no gratifications of; for all the delights of sense, which they are now so full of, will in hell be denied, and in heaven superseded.

Woe unto you that are full! Not hungry. Satisfied with their wealth, and not feeling their need of anything better than earthly wealth can give. Many, alas! are thus "full." They profess to be satisfied. They desire nothing but wealth, and a sufficiency to satisfy the wants of the body. They have no anxiety for the riches that shall endure forever.

Ye shall hunger - Your property shall be taken away, or you shall see that it is of little value; and then you shall see the need of something better. You shall feel your want and wretchedness, and shall "hunger" for something to satisfy the desires of a dying, sinful soul.

[Excerpt from Barnes' Notes]

"Sorrow and trouble will be the end or you who eat your fill now;
you will go hungry later."

Luke 6:25a FNV