Luke 6:46 FNV

How is it you call me _great Chief_ but do not walkin my ways.Luke 6_46 FNV.png lutheran indian ministries

He alone will enter into the kingdom of heaven "that doeth the will of My Father which is in heaven." Let us pause over the words. They cannot refer to the man who accidentally does the will of God because it so happens that his pleasure coincides with God's pleasure, just as a person may walk in the same path as another without intending to be his companion. In such an act there would be no inward element. But they must refer to the man who intentionally does God's will; does it, that is, because it is God's will; independently of any further consideration of whether it be pleasant or not in itself. Observe, therefore, there is no picking and choosing in such an obedience. 

The word "doeth" does not mean intention, profession, or promise, but action in those practical details of actual life, which make up the real sum total of human existence. A saving religion is not that which is up in the air, but that which plants its sacred feet on the solid earth of daily life. Such a religion is exceedingly difficult, and there is one power alone which can accomplish it in us. It is the power of God. 

(Excerpts from E. Garbett)

"How is it that you call me "Great Chief"
but do not walk in my ways?
Luke 6:46 FNV