Luke 6:6-11 FNV

healing of the crippled hand on sabbath luke 6:6-11 fnv lutheran indian ministries

Christ was neither ashamed nor afraid to own the purposes of his grace. He healed the poor man, though he knew that his enemies would take advantage against him for it. Let us not be drawn either from our duty or from our usefulness by any opposition. We may well be amazed, that the sons of men should be so wicked.

And as Charles Spurgeon says, "Not to save life is to destroy:"

See yonder poor wretches whose ship has gone down at sea, they have constructed a poor tottering raft, and have been swimming on it for days; their supply of bread and water is exhausted, and they are famishing, they have bound a handkerchief to a pole and hoisted it, and a vessel is within sight. The captain of the ship takes his telescope, looks at the object, and knows that it is a shipwrecked crew. "Oh!" says he to his men, "we are in a hurry with our cargo, we cannot stop to look after an unknown object; it may be somebody perishing, and it may not be, but however, it is not our business," and he keeps on his course. His neglect has murdered those who died on the raft.

[Excerpt from Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary & Charles Spurgeon]

On another Day of Resting, Creator Sets Free (Jesus) went into a gathering house and began to teach the people. A man was there with a shriveled and useless hand. The scroll keepers (scribes) and the Separated Ones (Pharisees) kept a close eye on Creator Sets Free to see if he would heal the man so they could accuse him of not honoring the Day of Resting.

Creator Sets Free knew what they were scheming, so he said to the man, "Come, stand here, where everyone can see you." So the man did what he said. Then Creator Sets Free asked them, "On the Day of Resting, is it permitted to help or to harm, to rescue or destroy?"

They just looked at him and said nothing. At first, there was fire in his eyes! But his anger turned to sorrow when he saw their hearts of stone.

He looked around the room and then turned to the man and said, "Stretch out your hand." He stretched it out, and it was the same as his good hand!

The Separated Ones (Pharisees) stormed out in a fit of rage and began to counsel together about what could be done with Creator Sets Free.  (Luke 6:6-11)