Must See Theater - Thirsty (for Knowledge) Thursday

If you're in Ottawa in June check out "Children of God." 

According to the National Arts Center:

"Children of God is a gorgeous, powerful musical about an Oji-Cree family whose children were taken away to a residential school in Northern Ontario. The story of Rita, a mother who was never let past the school’s gate, and her kids, Tom and Julia, who never knew she came, pushes toward redemption. Children of God offers a thrilling blend of ancient traditions and contemporary realities, celebrating resilience and the power of the Indigenous cultural spirit. Inspired by First Nations music, Payette’s profoundly moving score also includes echoes of provocative Broadway masterpieces such as Fun Home and Next to Normal."

The creator, Corey Payette, speaks here about why he created it and what he hopes the audience will get out of it.

We're hoping it makes its way to the U.S. soon!