Test Your Native Knowledge

Many of the 2015 LWML National Convention attendees took our quiz, "Test Your Native Knowledge," during the Bountiful Bash event. Answers to the questions could be found on the materials at our booth as well as in our literature and on our website. Here are the questions and answers. How did you do?

Test Your Native Knowledge

1. Name the tribe of Lutheran Indian Ministries executive director, Rev. Dr. Don Johnson.

2. In how many states is Lutheran Indian Ministries present?

3. How many federally recognized tribes reside in the U.S.?

4. Bob Prue, our newest Native staff person, is serving the Oneida people. What is his tribe and in what state does he reside?

5. How many different tribes are represented at Haskell Indian Nations University?

6. How many backpacks does Hope House need donated this summer for Olympic Peninsula tribes?

7. How many villages in Alaska are being served by volunteers this year?

8. In what three (3) states does the Navajo Nation extend?

9. On which island of Hawaii does Clarence De Lude III serve?

Find the answers below the picture.

2015 LWML Convention Lutheran Indian Ministries Booth


1. Makah

2. 10

3. 566 (as of 2013)

4. Rosebud Sioux; Wisconsin

5. 145

6. 500

7. 19 this summer (over 40 for the year)

8. New Mexico, Utah, Arizona

9. O'ahu


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