Silence & Confusion (A New You #7) - Monday Morning Devotion

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In this season of resolutions and "becoming a new person," we invite you to join us on a journey in the seven weeks leading to Lent. Come and discover more about the baby we celebrated in the manger.

Just like you, this baby is more than what he seems. And as mysterious as that sounds, it is all expained and laid out for us in God's Word.

You can become a new person this year - a child of God and a citizen of His Kingdom, dedicated to seeking His will every day and in every action.

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Matthew 21:33-42
Proverbs 23:18
Proverbs 19:21


After the prophet Malachi, for 400 years, no one heard a single word from God.  Not even a whisper of a clue was given.

A cold case is when a detective’s search comes to a dead end. The once-obvious clues and tips abruptly stop. 

That’s what happened in the Bible. The once-hot hunt for the Messiah turned ice cold.

Then, on the darkest of days, an angel broke the canopy of space and announced, “For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord … “

Thirty years later, Jesus of Nazareth began connecting the dots between the clues God had given about the Messiah, saying, "I am the one who you’ve been waiting for all this time! I am the promised Messiah!"

Throughout his ministry, though, He continued to give clues about who He was and what was to come. The story of the master and the vineyard in Matthew 21 tells of his own upcoming death, but without the proper context, it sounds like a nice story with a good lesson.


Often our own lives reflect one of these two situations, either God is silent or He is speaking in obscure and hard to understand parables.

But know this:

God made you, precisely as you are, for His purpose. He is alive and He is working in your life.

You might have had some great days in the past, but greater days are in your future. Don’t get stuck in the glory days. Don’t get stuck in the good things or the bad things that have happened in your past. The Bible says, “Let go of what’s behind you and move forward into what’s in front of you.”

God is preparing you to walk out your best days. He’s going to give you hope, peace, and joy. He’s going to take care of the external things that are going on around you. More importantly, He’s going to refresh your soul. So when you face the day, you will be equipped with the mercy and grace to take on the challenges before you, to make the most of the day, to live out your best days in order to bring Him even greater glory.

As you move into the Lenten season, remember that Jesus is the Messiah, the long-awaited Savior foretold through all those clues in the Old Testament.  Begin preparing your house and your heart to celebrate the pinnacle event of all time, Resurrection Day! 

Now is the time to look into your life and your heart, confess your sins, and rededicate yourself to God.

Will you believe him? Will you trust him? Will you allow yourself to step out of your comfort zone and to see what’s on the other side of your obedience?

Our Father in heaven, we do not deserve your favor.  Yet your arms are always open to welcome us, and so we come to you in gratitude for what you accomplished on the cross. Because of Jesus, whose victory we will soon celebrate. Thank you and show us the way!


This is the last Monday Morning Devotion until after Easter. Make sure you have signed up for our daily Lenten devotions that will begin on Wednesday.