Lent Reflections #1 - Sunday, February 18

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Am I confessing with humility? 

Martin Luther said “When our Lord and Master Jesus Christ said ‘Repent,’ He meant that the whole life of a believer should be repentance.”  Christ calls us, not to a prayer of repentance, but to a life of repentance, a life of turning ever more fully to Jesus Christ.

A life of repentance is not a life of misery, but a life of growth.  It’s a life in which the Holy Spirit is constantly opening your eyes to how you can take the next step in becoming more like Jesus.  A process of examination like this may begin to connect this reality with your life now.

A Christian is a person who has light to see what there needs to be less of and what there needs to be more of in his or her life.  This leads to a life of confession, in which you see your sins and your failings, and you keep bringing them under the blood of Christ.

When you live life like this, you don’t waste your life in the shallow water of compromised obedience, instead, you launch out into the deep oceans of following Christ. 

Can you name a sin that you have confessed in the last week?  In the last month? Is there a sin that has plagued you even longer? Confess with humility and be free.

(From Unlocking the Bible)

colossians 3:12 clothe yourself in humility

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