The Power of Prayer - Monday Morning Devotions

power of prayer lutheran indian ministries monday morning devotion

As we begin to look forward to the start of Lent, let’s focus for the day on the power of prayer.

These seven devotions (listen below) were brought to you by Pastor Ricky Jacob, who serves the Native community of Winnebago, Nebraska.

“If someone wants to describe adequately the usefulness of pious, earnest prayer, he will, in my opinion, surely find a beginning more easily than a conculsion. Pious prayer offered in faith is familiar conversation with God.” (Johann Gerhard)

These opening words are of Johann Gerhard in answering the question: What is prayer? In the following seven, short devotions, we will be reflecting on the various teachings of Gerhard written roughly 400 years ago on the topic of prayer.

-Pastor Ricky