Serving the Makah People in Neah Bay

For over 20 years, Makah Lutheran Church has served the Makah people sharing the hope found in Jesus Christ. Rev. Dr. Don Johnson, executive director of Lutheran Indian Ministries, is a member of the Makah Indian Tribe and served as the first pastor of Makah Lutheran Church. As strong as the tribe is, the people face challenges within their tribe and within themselves. The personal challenges facing Makah tribal members include dealing with the influx of drugs and alcohol into the community, the abuse of which destroys families and creates broken relationships.

"I know that Jesus Christ is the only one that can heal the hurts of a broken heart," tells Winston Wilson(Cowlitz).

Learn more about Makah Lutheran Church, and rejoice with us in the installation of Winston, the fourth Native American leader to be raised up as a pastor through Lutheran Indian Ministries.