We are on the Way to Resurrection (Lent Devotion) - Friday, April 5

lutheran indian ministries lent devotions 2019

We are on the Way to Resurrection

“Father if you are willing, take this cup from me; yet not my will but yours be done.” (Luke 22:42)

We often feel powerless in our lives and forget that we are on the way to the resurrection.

So many of the people we walk with have experienced deep hurt which in turn has lead to deep pain in their hearts. As I watched my wife, Linda, a Cree woman, teach and share her story at a workshop in northern Manitoba, I saw someone who had been through an incredible amount of pain. And yet, she had found spiritual and emotional healing from her own trauma.

This workshop was focused on the impact of trauma and how one can minister in the midst of trauma. There were several Cree Elders and church leaders present, one of whom shared her own story of pain. Both Linda and this elder spoke of healing, victory, and hope in the midst of suffering. Their stories were a source of light for those listening.

I sometimes wonder what must have been going on in our Savior's mind as He lived His last few days on earth. He knew what was ahead of Him - the beating, the torture, the crucifixion, the weight of the sin of the world. Even though we know suffering in our own lives, this pain is something we, as humans, cannot begin to comprehend yet.

But Jesus also knew the end game - He was on his way to resurrection!

Knowing we are on the way to the resurrection gives us hope and courage. Jesus, in today’s terms, went through the worst kind of trauma possible, but God was in control. Jesus went through it all for us so we, too, can get through it all! Because of Jesus, we know we, too, will rise again no matter what trauma, pain, or suffering we have gone through!

As Linda spoke that day, I saw this hope.

Dear Lord, thank you for showing us the way through hard times. During this Lent season, Lord, help me to see there will be victory and that your will for my life is one that will end in resurrection and hope. Thank you, Lord, that I am on the way to the resurrection. Amen.

Rick Martin
Niverville, Manitoba