Working in the Daily Lives

“It’s interesting to work in the daily lives of people,” Kevin Maulson (Lac du Flambeau), ministry leader in Phoenix, related. “When you spend so much one-on-one time with people you learn their mannerisms and deepest secrets. The Native people I work with, the homeless, find themselves in a rough spot. Many of them are very street smart and have learned to use the system and milk it dry.”

He is referring to one woman in particular, Liz*. When Liz was introduced to Kevin, she was living with her boyfriend in a makeshift shelter created from old tires and plywood. She was sleeping on cardboard and drinking herself to sleep because she was afraid of what the night might bring on the streets.

The day Liz and Kevin met in the courtroom, Liz knew she needed help, but she wasn’t quite ready for it.

“There are some people who are ready for help and some who aren’t,” Kevin explained. “It takes wisdom and discernment to figure out which is which. And sometimes you have to make hard choices and let someone go.”

On the day that Kevin dropped off Liz at a 45-day treatment facility for substance abuse, he recalled Liz’s recent relapse into alcohol. “I had to be firm,” he said. “I had to put my foot down and tell her I couldn’t put up with her irresponsibility. I told her she had to leave. It was extremely hard to say, but at the time, she was taking my energy away from individuals who wanted my help.”

It was at this moment, Liz understood the path ahead of her. She didn’t want to go back to her “home” on the street. She made calls, and took the actions needed, to check herself into the treatment facility.

“Once she saw I was serious, she got serious,” Kevin said. “And just like our Heavenly Father didn’t give up on us, I couldn’t give up on her.”

When Liz came back around, Kevin was able to use his training from Beauty for Ashes to assist her on the road to healing. “Honestly, with the training, I would not have recognized the trauma in her life. I wouldn’t have known how to listen to her and help her.”

As Liz exited the car at the treatment facility, she handed Kevin a letter and walked away.


Thank you for everything you have been doing and helping me out with. I am glad I went to the scheduled court date. The day we all met. I felt a positive energy/feeling that I was going to get help. I've been wanting and trying to quit my alcohol abuse for many years. I prayed about getting help. I was only getting worse. I believe God sent you to me, and I to you.

I apologize to you and I am very sorry for going on a drinking spree when I was emotionally hurting. You snapped me out from my drunkeness the day you told me to pack my stuff. I sat there and thought to myself all night. Thinking of the ugly drinking I was doing. I was angry at myself. Things started to change after I stopped drinking. Less phone calls and internet postings. It's a WOW when people let you go like that. They were all in it for the alcohol drinks not the friendship. No matter how much I'd be let down, I will keep moving forward and strive for my sobriety. I do know I am a strong lady.

Right now I feel scared and lonely. Because I am ready to go to rehab. I ask for help in prayer to keep me going. I never thought I would do something like this to myself. But it's me who wants the help. I thank God for everything. He answered my prayer and there will be many more to come.

God bless you and your wife,

P.S. God allowed me to get here for a reason. Now, I have to move forward, in Him.
Faith, Love, Hope, Patience

This is the work your prayers and donations support. You make a difference in the lives of indivudals who are hurting. Please keep, Liz in your prayers.

*Name has been changed for condifentiality.