All Things - Luke 22:42

Friday February 12

All Things - Luke 22:42 (NIV)

“Father, if you are willing, take this cup from me; yet not my will, but yours be done.” 


We hear Jesus speak at a stressful time during this passage.  While none of us can ever know what Jesus experienced, we can begin to empathize in the context of our own lives.

Each of us has cried out to God for a change of plans or a different outcome within our jobs, living situation, health, and family.  We sometimes struggle with faith in challenging and stressful times, but we know it is best to humbly submit our will to Jesus and ultimately give the outcome to Him, because we know God’s hand in anything is worth so much more.

I love this verse, because, through the sadness and suffering, Jesus says “everything is possible for you.” As a young girl on the reservation, I dreamt of job titles I would hold and places I would go. My dreaming was an escape from the dysfunction around me, but as I became older, many of those goals have changed or been forgotten. They no longer seem relevant.

Perhaps Jesus felt it was impossible to face the end.  According to His human nature, He knew He was about to suffer and die.  He was human, like you and I, and dealing with many emotions, but He had the heart of the Father and accepted the outcome. The Bible says an angel came and gave Him strength.

We do not comprehend the plans for our lives or the avenues it takes us on. Dreams will change, but never stop dreaming. We will encounter tough situations and heart wrenching outcomes, but do not stop believing. Our Father may not relieve our suffering. However, remain faithful for He will send His Holy Spirit to strengthen you.

Gracious Heavenly Father,
During this season of Lent, we remember the suffering, death, and resurrection of Your Son, Jesus.  His sacrifice on the cross has given us Your gift of grace and the promise of eternal life with You, and we give You thanks and praise. 
In Jesus name, Amen.


Robin Santos (Tohono O’odham) - Lawrence, Kansas