Who is your manager? - 2 Peter 1:3

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Wednesday March 16

Who is your manager? - 2 Peter 1:3 (NIV)

“His divine power has given us everything we need for life and godliness through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness.”


For the most part we all have good intentions. But sometimes we tend to procrastinate when it comes to meeting the needs of others.  It may be having something more important to do, or my fear of the unknown, fear of rejection, or a whole list of other reasons. Regardless, the intention never turns into action.

Several months ago, we were eating lunch at a restaurant, and as we were leaving the manager handed us a pen with the name and phone number of the restaurant on it.  As I turned the pen to the other side it read, “New Manager: Jesus”.

I keep thinking about that phrase and how our human nature wants to be the one in charge - the manager of our own life.  But, our life belongs to the One who gave His life for us first.  We only have our lives because He gives life to us.  We should only be so happy to let Him take charge of every area of our lives.

Time goes by quickly, and we need to trust and follow God’s leading while we are here on earth.  He gives us each gifts to use for His Kingdom.  When He sends us to serve somewhere, we trust Him to lead us into every good and perfect gift.  We need not be afraid to go into any unknown place or situation, because Jesus has gone before us and paved the way. He won’t send us anywhere that we aren’t equipped with the right tools.  We don’t need to carry a script. He has given us the Gospel and a voice to speak.

At Lutheran Indian Ministries, we have a variety of mission sites across this nation.  Though each mission site is wonderfully unique, we all share the same goal and purpose of sharing the Gospel of Christ to a broken world, with Jesus as our New Manager!

Forgive us when we try to go ahead of You.  Teach us how to be patient and let You lead every aspect of our lives as we serve others with love. 


Deaconess Cathy Benzler (Cherokee) - Olympic Peninsula, Washington