John 1:14 - The Great "I Am"

The Great "I Am"

"And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we have seen his glory, glory as of the only Son from the Father, full of grace and truth." (John 1:14, ESV)

I love John’s gospel. It stands out uniquely as John shares the ministry of Jesus. His gospel is truly unlike the other three. Through his intimate relationship with Jesus as His disciple, John truly captures the deity of Christ. He unfolds this incredible revelation of God becoming man.

Only John shares with us the great “I AM” statements that Jesus makes. He is clearly identifying Himself as the great “I AM” who met Moses at the burning bush. Jesus is the very Bread of Life. He doesn’t simply offer us sustenance, He IS our sustenance, and He doesn’t just offer us a way out of our broken condition as sinners. He is our Way, our Gate, our Good Shepherd, our Life, our Truth and the Vine.

I find it fascinating that John provides us with an intimate window into the Last Supper that none of the other Gospels record. In chapters 13-17, John shares the precious final teachings of Jesus before He goes to the Garden.

During this Advent season, I invite you to lean in confidently with John to our God who “became flesh,” who is our very life source. We often come to Him for help, answers and solutions to our problems, but Jesus tells us that He doesn’t simply come giving help, but that He is our help.

It is all too natural for us to be a “Jacob” and try to make life work in our own way, using our own strength and means. Instead, we are invited to be a “John” instead and lean in on the One who is everything we need.

Lord Jesus, I have been wrestling with You and life in general. Help me to rest in You in the busyness of this season. Amen.

- Winston Wilson (Cowlitz), Neah Bay, Washington

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