Psalm 145:1-2 - Power of Praise

Power of Praise

"I will extol you, my God and King, and bless your name forever and ever. Every day I will bless you and praise your name forever and ever." (Psalm 145:1-2, ESV)

Praise is so powerful. It changes the atmosphere and changes situations because it changes our hearts and how we see things. When we give praise to God, we no longer are focused on ourselves and our situations, but we see Jesus instead. We have the choice to lift up and extol the wonderful mighty name of Jesus, even when our feelings tell us differently.

This year was difficult for several reasons, but during those times, we had the choice to join forces with the True Light of Life, the King of Kings, and praise Him and glorify Him for what He has done and will do.

During this Advent season, we anticipate His birth and celebrate the coming of our Savior because He is our Deliverer and our Redeemer who lives forevermore.

Thank You, Jesus, that we can praise You every day in every situation! In Your name we pray, Amen.

- Patricia Main (Cree), Lawrence, Kansas

God is blessing the efforts of Patricia and her husband, Rev. Will Main (Dakota Sioux), to serve the young Native men and women at Haskell Indian Nations University.