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Yes, it is Summer but we still have 200 students here.   We are continuing to make contact with individuals about their walk with God and with groups who want to use our building.  Below are some things for prayer.  May the Holy Spirit guide you as you intercede for us. Thank you for all of your support! 

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PRAISE AND THANKSGIVING                            

Ø  New Staff:  God has made a way for Deon Prue (Bob’s wife) to become our next Administrative Assistant starting this month.  Deon has been helping as a volunteer in most aspects of ministry.  Having her as paid staff will help us be more effective reaching out to the female college students; and in everything we do. 

Ø  LWML National Convention:  We were excited to attend this event in Mobile, Alabama (June 20-23).  We made several key contacts with this wonderful group of women who serve us and many other ministries.

Ø  Public Relations Opportunities:  We have visited local churches to inform long-time and new friends about what God is doing here.  Bill also visited churches in Mobile and Oklahoma City after the LWML Convention.

Ø  Grants For Programs:  Some money has been approved and other applications have been submitted for our trauma healing program, Bible studies, cultural relationship building activities and building expansion.

Ø  Billy Mills Luncheon May 18th:  This Olympic winner and world leader was honored at Haskell LIGHT.

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PRAYER REQUESTS                   

Staff and Families:   Ask God for good spiritual and physical health for all.  Pray for safe travels, effective team-work and support for each other.  This is important since we are more like a family than co-workers.

Planning for Fall 2019:  Fall Semester starts Aug. 19th   Pray for God to guide us as we plan for the:

·       Back To School Bash

·       Freshman Girls’ Event

·       Sunday Gathering

·       Sacred Ground Trauma Healing Sessions and Staff Training

·       Concerts and Other Activities

·       Hand Drum, Gourd Rattle Making

·       November Heritage Celebration

·       Possible Student Internships

Good Relations with Neighbors:Please pray for us to have a positive working relationship with the people who live on Pawnee Ave.We always invite them to our Back To School Bash and often talk with them.

 Next Haskell Univ. President:  Please pray for a person who loves Jesus and can lead Haskell towards academic, social, emotional and spiritual stability.

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More information available at Haskell LIGHT Campus Ministry on Facebook.

We are located at 137 Pawnee Ave. Lawrence, KS 66046     785-841-4809   

 Please let us know how we can pray for you too.  Bob & Deon Prue, Bill Paris



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